Zoom Sessions

In 2020-2021, a series of Zoom sessions were held, beginning in the April 2020 lockdown. These sessions proved invaluable to those of us keen to continue learning about working with bonsai and are a useful resource to return to.


Bonsai tasks for late summer – February


Matt’s May 29th demonstration – working with Hackberry group and native Cypress

Matt’s June 6th demonstration on refining junipers

Luke’s demonstration with the Western Myall – June 13th

Neil Padbury’s June 16th demonstration

Matt’s June 20th demonstration with Olives

Matt’s July 4th demonstration on a Pear, Zelkova and English Elm

Matt’s July 11th demonstration on repotting a Chinese Elm

Luke’s July 18th demonstration on the Desert Ash

2023 Bonsai Show