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Annual Show 2021

The South Australian Bonsai Society Annual show for 2021 was held on the 9th and 10th of October. As with previous years there was a sales area full of pots,...

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News Item 18 February 2022

Summer 2021 President's Report

Summer 2021 President’s Report Matt Sharp 18 February 2022 Hi Everyone, Photo courtesy Alan Jabs As I write this we are experiencing the first really hot day of the Summer,...

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Peppercorns as bonsai

Peppercorns as bonsai Janet Sabey 18 February 2022 The peppercorn (schinus molle) is a native of Peru and prefers rich, well-drained moist soils in an open, sunny position. An evergreen...

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News Item 1 September 2021

Spring 2021 President's Report

Spring 2021 President’s Report Matt Sharp 1 September 2021 Hi Everyone, I’ve just spent the day repotting so there’s dirt under my fingernails and in my hair somehow but it’s...

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Article 27 February 2022

Annual SA Bonsai Show Reflections

Annual SA Bonsai Show Reflections Annie Reid, Connie Holland, Don Gillis, Jude Lobow, Mick Coward & Pearl Driver 27 February 2022 Don Gillis As a novice I’ve been quietly improving...

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Article 2 June 2022

A National Treasure

A National Treasure Leigh Taafe 2 June 2022 The bonsai pictured below is believed to be the oldest living tree in Australia to have been grown and designed specifically for...

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News Item 1 December 2021

Challenge for 2022

Challenge for 2022 Alan Jabs 1 December 2021 We all grow Bonsai – and for many different reasons some more personal than others. Given that here in SA we have...

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Hugh Grant, 2018

In April 2018 the AABC Visiting Tutor Program sponsored workshops and a demonstration by Hugh Grant. These images capture everyone concentrating on producing their best....

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Article 15 December 2021

My Bonsai Journey

My Bonsai Journey Barbara Hill 15 December 2021 I decided to join the Bonsai Society in February 2021 and a very big thank you for making me feel welcome. Thank...

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2023 Bonsai Show