2022 Adelaide Royal Show

The show is back, was a great success and concluded with a very worthy Grand Champion in the Bonsai competition.
I am sure there will be a report on the winners elsewhere but this is more about the volunteers and all the members who took that leap of faith preparing their trees for viewing by the public over the nine days of the show.

The display set up by the South Australian Bonsai Society was different this year.

SA Bonsai display

Traditionally work commences a few days out from the show, however with Malcolm needing a stay in hospital a last-minute change was needed and they say less is more and that is what we presented (I will add that Malcolm is up and about and well enough to have his entries at the show and I wish him a speedy recovery).

The display featured five trees which were rotated every three days to maintain their health. All were excellent trees and perfect material to stimulate serious discussions with the public on the virtues of Bonsai as a worthy hobby.

Competition display

Equally the competition area along the north side of the hall was filled with trees all vying to win those coveted ribbons and certificates. Judging was held on three separate days with the Grand Champion judged on the last Friday.

The quality of trees presented was exceptional and varied which stand testament to those owners who made the effort to have trees ready to enter.

A big thank you must go out to those who worked the display stand over the shows nine days as well to those who supplied the trees for the stand. Volunteering can be a lot of fun so if you’re asked in the future, give it some serious thought.

Competition display

Overall, the Royal Show was a huge success, so now it’s time to start looking at what you might enter next year. In the meantime, our annual show looms in a few short weeks.

2023 Bonsai Show