Workshop with Andrew Ward

Andrew working with David

The first SA Bonsai weekend workshop for 2024 was a great success with all participants inspired to continue the development of their tree and a determination to take advantage of similar workshop opportunities in the future.
As Michael said at the end of his session, “Great day, lots done, questions answered but don’t want to rave too much or it may be  hard to get a spot next time. Many thanks to the hosts.”

Andrew Ward was the tutor for the two workshops. With his experience as a level 2 tutor for the Association of Australian Bonsai Clubs, Andrew’s ability to provide broader concepts about bonsai design and care was perfectly balanced with specific instruction concerning the broad variety of species present.
Be sure to refer to his soil mix for bonsai.

Left: Trish with her tree
Centre: Paul working on his pine
Right: Andrew working with Barbara

Sandra McKenzie’s comments about the workshop:

Last Saturday, along with 5 other participants, I had the privilege of attending a workshop at the
home of Carol and Alan Jabs. Although it was a warm day, participants
enjoyed their hospitality which included a tour of their lovely garden, shade houses and especially
Alan’s Bonsai. A real treat. Thank you both.
Andrew was our tutor and his light hearted approach to the training of our plants put us at
ease and had us snipping and wiring with more confidence than when we started. Andrew offered
several suggestions and his advice was invaluable. Since I started on my Bonsai journey two and a
half years ago, pruning has been my Achilles heel. Setting the initial structure with advice on the
future development of my trees was the advice and help I needed. Thank you Andrew.
Thanks also to the committee for organising the workshop. I understand that there will be more
workshops with local tutors and I can highly recommend attending one. We are very
lucky to have such knowledgeable and experienced members in our Society.

Left: Erica’s ficus after wiring
Centre: Erica exploring possibilities
Right: Andrew demonstrating for Sandra

Barbara Hill’s comments about the workshop:

I had the pleasure to be an attendee at a bonsai workshop with Andrew Ward as our tutor and hosted at Alan Jab’s house.

I am always a bit tentative when it comes to taking any of my “little trees in pots“ to a “real“  bonsai event but after yesterday was so pleased that I had taken my out of control Juniper along for advice and much needed help.

Andrew was so patient and passed on so much knowledge and reinforced things that I had forgotten over time. Part of the benefit of going along to these workshops for me was watching in this case Andrew work with the other participants and seeing how their trees developed over the afternoon.  I now have a little more courage to tackle some of my other plant varieties  at home and, being in a small group situation you learn so much –  being able to ask questions as you think of them is a great help. I came away with, a beautiful tree on which there is still a little wiring for me to complete but also with the ability to work on another of my Junipers just recovering from it’s last “poodle “ cut!!!

It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon with a group of friendly people with a common interest and in a beautiful garden setting.

A very big thank you to Andrew and Alan for giving up their time and I would advise anyone, especially those new to the club and beginners like me, to attend any of these workshops as there is just so much to be gained.

Barbara’s Juniper: before and after
2023 Bonsai Show