Tony Bebb inspires again!

David’s fig was transformed

Another series of weekend workshops has been completed with international demonstrator Tony Bebb and those of us who participated have absorbed a wealth of information to keep us on track in the art of improving our bonsai practice.

It was heartening to notice that several participants at each session were very recent members to SA Bonsai. This can be described as ‘jumping in at the deep end’ as one can feel a little anxious about wether they have the right tree and what the demonstrator might think of their skill level. Of course this is where Tony Bebb is one of the best as he offers a wealth of knowledge but also has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable and able to succeed.
It was a treat to see all the smiling faces at the conclusion of each session.

The Glenunga Hub was a new venue for the workshops and it proved to be the perfect size to facilitate discussion. I suspect this enabled observers to remain more engaged in the process than I have seen at other workshops and Tony took advantage of this by including observers in his explanation of bonsai principles.

Because of COVID, we’ve waited a long time for Tony to visit Adelaide but at last, we’ve had our bonsai practice reinvigorated.

Nady worked on a most unusual pine
2023 Bonsai Show