Challenge for 2022

We all grow Bonsai – and for many different reasons some more personal than others.
Given that here in SA we have been lucky up to a point where restrictions were few but the quiet times got me thinking about a ‘what if’ scenario – what if you had to stay home and yet still be Bonsai active?
Sure, weeding and wiring as well as the usual repot and prune, but how about building the skills and knowledge through a special project.

Why not challenge yourself to try something a little different and what better than to grow and have ready for the 2022 SABS Show a Shohin or Mini Bonsai.  Easy you say and yes we have a few members who do excel at this (so Hint No1 –  these people are a great resource worthy of a chat). I am writing this in early December and the year has finished as far as meetings go, so sourcing material and getting started will be that first challenge, but why not get out there and give this a go.
Species are many with Ficus, Olives, Chinese Elm, Juniper and even Jade good candidates. With the summer heat and very small pots, keeping them healthy will be a challenge in itself as will feeding and watering to maintain vigour to have them looking their best come October and the show,

And if they are not featured at the show, the sales table beckons or as might happen you fall in love with them and they stay in your backyard.  

2023 Bonsai Show