Winning at the Royal Show

Our Club brings together people from all walks of life who share one common passion – and that’s the ancient art of bonsai of course. The thing with passion though is it grows in meaning when it is shared with others. Which is why we invite you to share your passion with South Australians next year at the Royal Adelaide Show.

Aside from our own annual exhibition in October, the Royal Show provides the only other opportunity to really promote bonsai and our Club. The Royal Show is the perfect platform to speak directly to the public and inspire new interest in Club membership.

So, when next year’s Royal Adelaide Show horticulture registrations open, why not enter one of your bonsai. Remember, it’s a great chance to promote the art of bonsai and our wonderful Club… and show off your hard work too. And you never know, you might even come away a winner like I did. At 88 years old, I am the oldest Club member and I was thrilled to win first prize at the Show. Even more, the best part was sharing my love of bonsai with the next generation.

If the oldest member of Australia’s oldest bonsai club can win first prize at the Royal Show, then everyone’s in with a chance ! So, next year, why not take the plunge and register your favourite bonsai for the Royal Adelaide Show.
Enjoy the accolades and help foster the future of our Club.

2023 Bonsai Show