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Mauro Stemberger, 2015

A brilliant night for our club meeting night with 93 attendees watching the talented Mauro Stemberger on his 2015 Australian tour....

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Article 24 June 2022

National Arboretum Banksia serrata

National Arboretum Banksia serrata Leigh Taafe 24 June 2022 In preparation for our move from temporary residence in Commonwealth Park up to our existing facility within the National Arboretum, we...

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News Item 4 July 2022

Tony Bebb inspires again!

Tony Bebb inspires again! Annie Reid 4 July 2022 David’s fig was transformed Another series of weekend workshops has been completed with international demonstrator Tony Bebb and those of us...

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News Item 20 July 2022

President's Report (AGM 2022)

President’s Report (AGM 2022) 20 July 2022 Matt Sharp Good Evening Everyone! As you may have noticed I’m not here tonight but luckily we have our wonderful Vice President Luke...

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News Item 2 August 2022

Sam Thompson is coming to SA

Sam Thompson is coming to SA Annie Reid 2 August 2022 Sam Thompson Sam Thompson will run workshops with members of the SA Bonsai Society on September 24th & 25th...

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Article 3 August 2022

The Value of Visiting Demonstrators

Tony Bebb Worksop – July 2022 The Value of Visiting Demonstrators David Russell 3 August 2022 Tony at work The SA Bonsai Society recently hosted acclaimed bonsai artist and demonstrator...

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Article 5 August 2022

Repotting deciduous trees

Repotting deciduous trees Annie Reid 5 August 2022 Roots beneath the trunk are severed to encourage radial roots. Now is the perfect time to repot deciduous tress so this was...

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2023 Bonsai Show